Monday, 19 March 2018

Good Morning

Cant believe the weekend is over already!
I pretty much had 1 days rest, better than nothing I know but I looked outside and there's snow and ice, my machine is on the blink, not spinning, and my week threatens to be a busy one

I miss Abuja too much
on the upside my wisdom tooth pain has eased up significantly!
I ate so many painkillers the day before so maybe that's why.

Onwards and upwards, have a great day

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Weekend WOW Factor: Politics and Lies, UK Style

“..Ensure that humanity is served by wealth and not ruled by it.” - Pope Francis, delivered by Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana.

I'm pretty sure I've never quoted a Pope before, and doubt I will again, but... who knows

Today I thought about inequality.
Inequality exists because of us, simply put; me and you.
We create it, and then wonder how we can fix it, never really wanting to fix it, but simply saying so in the knowledge it's possibly the thing which should be said.

Get It?

The Global financial crisis of 2007-2008 which led to the UK banking crisis and the £37 billion bail out of Northern Rock Bank, which then led to the UK Government's hard line commitment to austerity measures, and apparently essential welfare reform

Because.. clearly, the financial crisis had everything to do with benefit claimants, and nothing to do with de-regulation of banks, and greed.
( forgive me a moment while I enjoy my sarcasm)

The demise of our public services are a direct result of the crisis, yet the focus somehow shifted to immigrants - migrants - immigration; solution? = Brexit
We have been sold a lie
Not everyone has bought this lie, but many have.
In fact, we have been sold many lies

One lie was, that the private sector will bridge the gap left by cuts to public services.
10 years on, and we can now look back and see that it has not.
It has not provided the jobs we were told it would, and more importantly, it did not deliver the expertise that existed within the public sector.
How could it?

No, amidst contracts, contractual agreements, outsourcing, and hype, what has occurred has been a steep learning curve for the Private Sector, but in reality, learning was never on the agenda. The agenda was profit.

'If you privatise prison services you will simply get more prisoners.
It becomes no longer about rehabilitation, but a numbers game'

Politically, I would understand if you called me a socialist.
It's not a dirty word to me, so it's cool.
Hear me out.
In a real practical sense, I have no issue with capitalism.
Lets face it. I am a product of a capitalist society, my fore-parents at one time were products, bought and sold against their will.

I understand trade. I believe in trade, but fair trade. I also believe profit is good.
It's why we do buisness.
But what I argue for is an Ethical Capitalism. The type of capitalism that keeps the souls of folk, in tact. The type of capitalism that does not destroy swathes of communities, exploit developing countries, fuel wars, and create divisions.

A capitalism which is sustainable and admirable.

The Private sector pretty much brought this country to its knees.
Yet somehow the sector has remained pretty much unscathed and unscrutanized. Trusted far too quickly, and questioned far too little..

The bluff is that old fashioned greed is good theory. The gloss of the private sector is however, wearing thin.
Real people with real needs; need real people.

What we need in this country, in this classist and racist system, is balance, an equal and even spread of public and private; and we currently do not have that.


Why did all Tory politicians vote to scrap free schools meals for families on universal credit?.
What the Tories are suggesting, is that if a family earn a penny over the tiny threshold allowance, they should pay for the meals.

I dont know about you but whilst we have been distracted with tales of Russian shenanigans, Tories have been voting in policies that most people would find deplorable.


The next election should be an easy win for any party other than the Tories. We simply cannot afford to leave the country in the hands of an out of touch privileged few. Anyone with any moral compass should now see exactly what The tories are about, and why our country is in the state it is in.


When we think back to the of weapons of mass destruction - distraction, it is not surprising that people are starting to wonder if this spy 'business' is true. Latest update is that it has been suggested that the nerve agent was produced right here in the UK.

You see, this is why I rarely talk about the UK.

It's disgraceful

We are as corrupt and misguided as any corruption prone developing country. In fact we are worse.
We are worse because we know better. We are worse because we are instruments of destruction and little development.
still raping Africa of its natural resources, still funding 'leaders' who really have no agenda for the continent, still as brazen as ever.

Free School Meals Petition

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Take Time Thursday ... ft Tekno - Your Luv

and early to bed.
No not to sleep just yet, but read and catch up on news music, and contemplation.
It's rare, I often don't get to bed until the early hours so this is a treat. I've just started reding the book Brit(ish) written by Afua Hirsch.An excellent and well thought out title, one which I can certainly relate to.

Early days, but Afua talks about her life as a middle class mixed race woman, initially in love with a Ghanaian guy, and her innate need to embrace her African identity. not quite fitting into either culture .. initially.
It's an interesting read so far, written through a lens of one with one black parent, and one white.
Dancing a dance of privilege on one side, yet not seemingly wholly comfortable with it.


Not sure how I stumbled across Oshay Duke Jackson's Channel, lol!, but I did, and found myself listening to episode after episode of African American men discuss all kinds of topics quite candidly. What's interesting about it is how open they all were about men women and relationships.
One episode with guest Donnovan Sharpe, who's are I can't remember was extremely interesting, and had me laughing out loud in places
A real Alpha male episode!.


I also found myself watching Dr Boyce Watkins, again, food for thought.


A serious topic on Battabox and only a Nigerian can make you laugh without even trying

What should you do if a man is trying to rape you?

Bite him, bite the manhood and if you can...

"Swallow it o!"


Tekno is a genius
Slim daddy indeed..

Tekno. A younger version of an ex of many moons ago.
Same face, only Tekno is cuter, and with talent.
Well done, nice track

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Simi - Complete Me

Weekend WOW Factor: APC under Pressure? & Can Nigeria Become The Steel Giants Of Africa with Ajaokuta?

Sierra Leone elections and SLPP are leading the way with the APC trailing.after 75% of the count. Final results should be in tomorrow.
Issues include over voting (spoiled votes)
A potential run off predicted.

APC have thrown everything at this election, but I could barley believe my ears at hearing waves of APC supporters chanting at a political rally.. we are Chinese...


Ajaokuta is a multibillion-dollar Steel Mill located in Nigeria. It was built by the Soviet Union in 1979! in partnership with Nigeria. The project reached 98% completion by 1994..... before coming to an abrupt halt.

The mismanaged project has not produced a single sheet of steel.
ex President Obassanjo agreed a deal to revive the project, but this was revoked by President Umaru Must Yar'Adua, and the project ended up in arbitration with an attempt to mediate among stakeholders, after what was deemed a breech of contract

Ajaokuta has the potential to create thousands of jobs, and revive Nigeria's economy, in addition to making Nigeria the largest producers of steel across Africa.

Over 22yrs... of nothing.

This is a travesty, yet rarely mentioned outside of Nigeria.

I hope they can resolve the issue
Millions of dollars unaccounted for..... in what could be Nigeria's biggest scandal

Nigerian court seizes 56 houses linked to ex-oil minister Diezani Alison-Madueke

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Some good music and.. Happy Independence Day Ghana

In case you missed it, Ghana celebrated the 61st Independence Day yesterday

Good luck to Sierra Leonians on your Election Day.
and all those running for President.


My Ancestry kit has arrived!

Time to explore exactly which part of the continent, region , tribe, I hail from.
Funny thing with this is that it will only give me my mothers line. Apparently to trace m fathers I need male dna so my brother ill have to do it
Not sure. why that is tbh, I'm reading up on it.

Good morning x

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

President Koroma Steps Down

President Ernest Bai Koroma.
End of Term

Ive quite liked Samura Kamara
I almost wish he had run as an independent.
As the APC's leading man however, he is the favourite to win.

If the people are serious about wanting an end to corruption, their vote is the perfect way to make that known.
They really should vote wisely.